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 Can I transfer my domain?

Yes, you can. Domain transfer is transferring a domain name from one registrar company to another...

 I received a letter/email from my current host that they will no longer be providing service in the near future. How long will it take me to setup a site with your service?

How long it takes to setup your new site depends on several factors.  There are three steps to...

 My current web hosting service use HTML/CSS pages built with Microsoft FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or similar software. Can I simply upload these files to your server for hosting?

Early website creators were required to know complex HTML code. Wordpress was developed as a...

 How do I access UMC Branded themes?

Everything can be found in your WordPress Dashboard. The themes we provide are in the Appearance...

 I already have a domain. How do I just buy a hosting package?

In order to continue to use your current domain name, you will need to either 1. transfer the...